A Ride to the Froelich Ranch
April 30, 2024
BY : Tisa Peek

Lance Froelich of Froelich Ranches and Froelich Quarter Horses


Selfridge, North Dakota-

Nestled amidst the Cannonball River country in Sioux County is a place of rugged beauty and rich quarter horse heritage. Here lies Froelich Ranches and Froelich Quarter Horses, a place where the world of cattle ranching and quality quarter horses collide.

The story of Froelich Ranches is one steeped in tradition and fueled by a passion for the land and its inhabitants. Founded over a century ago by Matt Froelich, the ranch has remained in the Froelich family ever since, evolving into a cornerstone of North Dakota’s quarter horse industry.

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To read more, look for the Summer ’24 edition of Dakota Horse Magazine.

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