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Andrea Arnold is all about Angus [Photo: submitted]

In the rolling plains of North Dakota, among the ranchlands of Esmond, a passionate young woman is making waves in the world of Angus cattle. Meet Andrea Arnold, the current North Dakota Angus Queen of 2024, whose journey from the family ranch to the throne is something to write about.

At just 20 years old, Arnold knows what she cares about. Currently pursuing a degree in Precision Agriculture at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, her roots in agriculture run deep. “I grew up raising cattle with my family,” she said. “We had about 300 head of commercial and 150 registered Angus.” It was this upbringing that laid the foundation for Arnold’s love of the Angus breed.

Her journey into the world of Angus began at the age of 12 when she started her own herd. “My first cows came from Dan Nelson, Egeland, N.D. of Nelson Angus Ranch,” she explained. “He is the one that kind of really got me into starting my herd. He helped me so much and started me.”

2024 North Dakota Angus Queen Andrea Arnold. [Photo KayElla Photography]

Through her involvement in the North Dakota Junior Angus Association, Arnold was introduced to the broader Angus community. “I met all the big producers in North Dakota and got introduced to the whole thing,” she says. This exposure eventually led her to run for the position of North Dakota Angus Princess in 2020, which was a stepping stone to becoming the North Dakota Angus Queen this year.

For Arnold, she says the choice of the Angus breed was only natural, “Personally, it’s what I grew up with, but it’s not just that. I did so much more research on the breed. So many people use certified Angus beef. I like that it has a lot to give as far as genetics, the best beef, the best calves.”

Angus is Andrea Arnold’s first choice. [Photo: submitted]

As the reigning North Dakota Angus Queen, Arnold’s responsibilities extend far beyond the crown. “My platform is getting youth more involved,” she said. “I go to schools, talk to the kids about the Angus industry, about the Junior Angus Association, about the Angus breed.” She says her goal is to educate and inspire the next generation of cattle enthusiasts, ensuring the longevity of the beef industry.

Arnold says she remains committed to her academic and personal goals, as well. “My goal is now to start my own registered herd again and dive even deeper into genetics,” she said. This ambition reflects her dedication to the agricultural industry.

When asked about her decision to pursue a degree in Precision Agriculture, Arnold explained, “I have always had a love for agriculture. Whether it’s farming or animals, it’s been a big passion of mine.” Her studies in Precision Agriculture encompass a wide range of topics, from crop science to the latest in agricultural technology.

All about Angus. [Photo: submitted]

“The Precision program includes the technology of precision farming,” Arnold explains. “It’s about utilizing technology to optimize efficiency and sustainability.” With her sights set on the future, Arnold is preparing to become a staple in the ever-evolving field of agriculture.

Andrea Arnold’s journey from the pastures of Esmond to the college desks is a testament to her determination. As she continues to make her mark on the Angus community, one thing is certain: the future of agriculture is in capable hands.



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