by | Mar 18, 2023 | Health and Beauty

 Tisa Peek [Photo: Grace Photography]

Have you been experiencing nagging and lingering aches and pains that limit your ability to fully perform your favorite or daily activities such as riding, roping, lifting, or driving? Have you contemplated getting steroid injections or surgery to help alleviate your symptoms? Have you had steroid injections or surgery to “fix” the issue only to have the symptoms and impairments return? These interventions are appropriate at times, however they can sometimes only mask the true reason for our symptoms and impairments which can be incomplete mechanics, mobility restrictions, muscle imbalances, and strength deficits.

At Unbound, we do physical therapy differently. There is minimal equipment required for your rehabilitation process to obtain extraordinary results. We do not use your valuable time and hard earned money for you to rest with heating pads or ice packs. We feel that being able to spend one hour, one-on-one, with your Doctor of Physical Therapy, allows us to fully understand your condition, needs and goals. Utilizing appropriate and specific evidence-based treatments and cutting-edge techniques we streamline your progress and recovery.

It’s our belief that physical therapy should include a thorough movement assessment, skilled hands on manual therapy interventions, and one-on-one education in corrective exercises and activity modifications allowing for you to get back to the activities you love without pain or restriction.

It is crucial to play an active role while healing from an injury and managing your pain. Avoiding activity and complete rest is NOT the answer to long-term healing. It is our goal to keep you active and participating in the activity or sport you love throughout the rehabilitation process, help you break your chains of pain and impairment, allowing you to become UNBOUND and return to the activities you love.

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