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The equine athlete demonstrates impressive intelligence, showing a keen sensitivity to human connection. Due to the complexity of the equine, their response in specific situations can stem from a miscommunication with its human.

An equine owner strives to solve communication gaps through vet appointments, feed changes, supplement, tack adjustments and/or hitting the practice pen. If progress isn’t shown, the owner becomes frustrated, digging high and low for alternative approaches.

A unique alternative to bridge the communication barrier between humans and equines is to seek individuals specializing in equine body work and animal communication. Jessica Wieser, owner of Harmony Equine out of Walcott, North Dakota, has been nurturing the mental and physical well-being of equines for decades, offering an additional avenue to address underlying issues.

At a young age you realized you had a strong connection with animals. When did you realize your connection was something special?

“While focusing on my personal growth and mental well-being, I found myself becoming more open, leading me to uncover my gift of communication. Throughout this journey, I have received encouragement from my mentors and my spouse, motivating me to step beyond my comfort zone.”

As you began to test drive your abilities to communicate with our equine friends, how did you ease into your abilities and practice your gift?

“I began with horses of friends and family, initially asking simple things, such as if they have parasites and then going through a list of potential worms they might have. In additon, I acquired the skill to balance emotions, starting with myself before extending to our equine friends.”

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Having the ability to harness an insight into our animals’ thoughts and emotions is viewed as a foreign concept to many. Please introduce the method of communication with animals.

“I totally understand, it took me quite a while to fully wrap my head around it.”

“The communication I use is known as telepathy: the ability to communicate with animals through non-verbal and intuitive means. It involves sending and receiving thoughts, emotions, images, or sensations between human and animal. I can do this in person, or it can occur at any distance, without physical touch.”

“To initiate a session, I only need a photo and the name of the animal. I respectfully ask for the animal’s permission to establish a connection, clarifying that my purpose is solely to help. I let them know their owner has requested me to communicate with them.”

“As I tap into the energy, I can tell the personality of the animals and can imagine what their voice might sound like if they were human. Once connected, I can then proceed to ask questions that the human is seeking answers for.”

Through your journey you have incorporated equine body work, resulting in a 2-for-1 package, healing the mind and the body. How does the body work and communication go hand-in-hand?

“I believe that by addressing mental well-being, it enhances physical health. Establishing a deeper connection provides a level of comfort to allow a productive session.”

Your abilities are rare and intriguing, leaving the inquisitive mind wanting to learn more. During a session, lay out the groundwork of what an individual and their equine partner might experience.

“I start with bodywork then move into balancing the emotions and finish the session with communication. Each horse is unique, leading to different outcomes or experiences. You may see physical reactions, such as a coat color darkening or getting shinier, eyes softening, along with licking and chewing, indicating a positive change.”

“During the session I can see video clips of events that have happened to the horse requiring a release. Sometimes they share those events, and sometimes they don’t. There are times horses prefer privacy from their owner, a boundary I honor. While outcomes may not always align with the expectations, I view this as part of the journey. God has given me this beautiful gift to share, I strive to fulfill it to the best of my ability. Seeing is believing.”

Jessica with her husband, Brien, and son, Hayden [Photo: submitted]

Feel free to share a short story of a unique situation that animal communication played a major factor in healing the equine partner.

“One story that deeply resonates with me involves a young horse named Pacu. Initially, he was very skittish and nervous, trapped in survival mode. He was born in the wide-open range, accidentally being left by himself as a yearling to survive for a period of time. What Pacu revealed to me was a beautiful battle of survival, the struggles, the falls, and encounters with predators. He bared it all, sharing his journey. After working with him, he underwent a significant change, Pacu now trusts his humans and is more relaxed and accepting. Working through the process with Pacu, moved me to tears, as he let go of the past.”

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