Don’t Let Winter Leave You with a Frosty Face

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Health and Beauty

Desirae Earl Answers Your Skin Care Questions [Photo: submitted]

Ol’ Man Winter has made his annual debut. The white crystal presence across our state doesn’t mean we have to age like the season’s namesake. According to Desirae Earl of Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge, winter is the perfect season to get into a daily habit of skin care maintenance.

Just because we don’t see the sun shimmering as brightly as in the summer, does not mean we leave out SPF protection. SPF is a key component in the prevention of aging in the skin.

Earl said that she comes across a lot of people saying they don’t have time for skincare.

Just as the holiday season brings gifts, so does the skin care industry. “For the productive and busy horse enthusiast out there, there IS a product just for you. ILIA has a super skin serum that includes kind of an ‘all in one’ bottle including SPF 40, a skin tint, and serum that is made for the heavily-occupied individual,” explained Earl.

ILIA Super Serum with SPF 40 [Photo: submitted]

The ease of this product is at your fingertips. Simply, wash your face, apply the super skin serum, and go out the door. The main ingredients include hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps fine lines according to Earl, while the niacinamide helps with the texture and tone of the skin.

A bottle of the ILIA Super Skin serum lasts a couple of months and leaves your skin looking dewy with a natural finish, all while improving the condition of your skin.

A product such as a multi-functioning serum like Super Skin is great for winter and for summer hydration and application.

And Men, you’re not left out in the wrinkle and skin care department. “A great cleanser and moisturizer are the two most important steps you can do for your skin,” advised Earl. There a lot of scent-free products available from Murad Skin Care lines, and they can be used for both his and her skin care. Even if your skin is oily throughout the seasons, it is still in need of a proper moisturizer.

“Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type can make a huge difference in the appearance and texture of your skin this winter,” verified Earl.

Let’s give the Jack Frost timeless look a go for this winter and leave Ol’ Man Winter wrinkles in the past. A great complexion and skin care habit can be formed this winter, so it’s ready for the arena this upcoming summer. Visit Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge on Facebook, Instagram, or at 105 North 5th Street in Bismarck.


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