Fall is in the Air: Time for Skin Care!

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Health and Beauty

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From the aromatic scents of cinnamon and pumpkin to the booming piles of colored leaves, it is evident that the magical season of Autumn is around us. With the changing of the seasons, one overlooked key component in many horse enthusiasts’ lives that also is affected is our skin.

“The perfect time to check in our skin care routine is with fall in the air,” acknowledged Desirae Earl of Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge.

At the end of the day, skin ‘care’ — is key in any season, but with the harvesting of sunflowers and pumpkins, our skin takes in tones and shades just as the leaves make their harmonious decent for their winter slumber.

“Fall is an excellent time to make sure you’re using the correct shade and formula of makeup and skin care for your skin. Whether it’s a foundation shade, shadow, or blush, your skin is ever changing, therefore so may be your product,” confirmed Earl.

The makeup and beauty expert expressed the concern that many people have been using the same products for their face and neck since high school.

Des says, “Ultimately, no matter what makeup you’re using at the beginning of the day, the underlying key factor in making it look flawless and chic is your daily skin care regime.”

Des says, here are some questions to ask yourself or that friend that may need some ‘assistance’ in this category:

Are you cleansing daily?

Are you exfoliating weekly?

Are you moisturizing daily?

If the answer to that was a clueless look, like ‘yours truly’, then maybe there is something to learn here.

Des says

On Cleansing: Double cleanse if you are wearing makeup daily. This is a key role in keeping up with a good skin care routine. First step is getting rid of the makeup and other debri on your face and secondly, cleansing the skin and pores in our face.

Those makeup removal wipes are great and convenient, but they aren’t meant for daily cleansing. Sad, but true, ladies — the staple ease of those wipes is not meant to be in our gear bag.

On Exfoliation: Our skin consists of dead skin cells. That layer of sluff needs taken off or exfoliated daily. The fine granules in an exfoliating cleanse helps rid your skin of dead skin cells and makes for a sheer, clean palette that absorbs your moisturizer and other skin care products much better.

Exfoliation really makes the products you use more effective, which is what we all really desire, right?

On Moisturizing: The reason we moisturize is mostly due to the environment. From the colder air, the dry air to the sun can all draw the life out of our skin and damage it. Moisture helps the body repair itself by making it easier for new skin cells to generate.

Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge offers a lot of skincare, as well as makeup that is all natural and organic if you’re into staying ‘in touch’ with the environment that surrounds us on every ride.

So, like it or not — most of us are wearing extra arena dirt, sweat, and makeup to get through the busy summer and fall season. Take the time to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. It’s time for a fresh face on your fresh air rides!

Desirae’s Makeup and Beauty Lounge can be found at 105 N. 5th Street in Bismarck, N.D. and on Facebook and Instagram.


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