My Favorite Time on a Horse

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Youth Perspectives

Nora Vesey riding Leo a few years ago [Photo: submitted]

As I was trying to think of my very favorite moment with a horse, I quickly realized that you can’t define one perfect or meaningful day. There’s always going to be one other moment to adore.  But, two very exciting times do stick out to me.

One of my favorite times on a horse was my very first junior high rodeo. I was riding my horse, Rockstar.  I was a fifth grader with a bunch of 7th and 8th graders. My mother warned me not to be upset if I didn’t hear my name.  I understood that because I was still young, and I had only been riding that horse for one summer. Even though I knew that it wasn’t a positive that I would hear my name, I still rode the best I could. And in the end, it paid off, I had one of my best and fastest barrel patterns.  My breakaway run wasn’t the best, but later I figured out I got 3rd in poles, so I forgot about the breakaway!

My other favorite time on a horse was when I went on a trail ride, just me and my old horse, Leo, who I had had since I was a baby. The whole ride I was just hanging out doing whatever I wanted to do. Later he passed away, and ever since he died, I’ve always remembered that day when he helped me more than I could tell. He taught me a lot; I didn’t realize it when I was young. Every horse can teach us something.

I can’t wait for my next favorite memory on a horse!

Nora Vesey at 1st junior high rodeo [Photo: submitted]

Nora Vesey is a 5th grade student at Wilton Public School.  Nora enjoys riding her horses (Rockstar, Boone, and ChaCha), playing basketball and volleyball (but mostly basketball).  When she is not riding horses or playing basketball, she is involved in archery, enjoys skiing with her sister, Emma, loves taking cruises (the big ships are the best), and hanging out with friends.



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