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The Foster County team took first place in the senior division of the North Dakota 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest. Team members are (from left, front row) Kennedy Wendel, Molly Hansen, Isabel Wendel, Karlee Lesmann and (from left, back row) Coach Jory Hansen, Emma Aberle, Jozey Retzlaff, Haylie Spickler, Trace Spickler, Coach Missy Hansen [Photo: NDSU]

More than 170 youth judged cattle, swine, goats and sheep at the North Dakota 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest.

More than 170 4-H members representing 33 teams competed at the North Dakota 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest held at North Dakota State University. Teams from Bowman and Foster counties took home the top prizes in their respective divisions on March 4.

Participating in livestock judging helps youth develop skills like decision making, critical thinking, public speaking, problem solving and building confidence. 4-H’ers evaluated classes of goats, sheep, swine, and beef and defended their decisions through their presentation of oral reasons.

This year, the contest attracted 18 junior teams with 94 participants and 15 senior teams with a total of 79 participants.

Junior division top five teams and their scores were:

  • First – Bowman County, 1,225                                  
  • Second – Adams County, 1,212    
  • Third – Foster County, 1,210        
  • Fourth – Grant County, 1,206                        
  • Fifth – Logan County, 1,184

Top 10 high individuals in the junior division and their scores were:

  • First – Kalina Werner, Grant County, 418
  • Second – Reese Janikowski, Bowman County, 417            
  • Third – Cally Hansen, Foster County, 413      
  • Fourth – Dawson Erbele, Logan County, 409  
  • Fifth – Stone Stadheim, Adams County, 408     
  • Sixth – Cyrena Kuss, Foster County, 408          
  • Seventh – Grayson Bowman, Bowman County, 405      
  • Eighth – Mika Stuber, Adams County, 404       
  • Ninth – Layla Krinke, Bowman County, 403           
  • 10th – Aubree Lachenmeier, Stutsman County, 401  

Senior division top five teams and their scores were:

  • First – Foster County, 1,805         
  • Second – Adams County, 1,798      
  • Third – Stark-Billings County, 1,782                        
  • Fourth – Morton County, 1,770   
  • Fifth – Ransom County, 1,763          

Top 10 high individuals for the senior division and their scores were

  • First – Ty Macdonald, Morton County, 618   
  • Second – Ian Dohrmann, Stark-Billings County, 610            
  • Third – Karlee Lesmann, Foster County, 607      
  • Fourth – Kelsey Vandeberghe, Stutsman County, 606            
  • Fifth – Molly Hansen, Foster County, 605         
  • Sixth – Grady Bock, Adams County, 602      
  • Seventh – Dillon Bowman, Bowman County, 600  
  • Eighth – Bake Larson, Adams County, 600    
  • Ninth – Rylee Erdmann, Ransom County, 600            
  • 10th – Sophia Kennedy, Adams County, 596

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“These young people are developing a broad range of skills,” says Samantha Lahman, 4-H youth development specialist for animal science at the North Dakota State University Center for 4-H Youth Development. “Not only do 4-H members polish their skills in decision making by placing classes of animals, but they learn to justify and explain their decision to others in a professional way.”

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