Off the Horse’s Back with Jacob Anderson

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Horse Care, Working Cow Horse/Cutting

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DHM Question: Did I catch you riding?

Answer: Actually, yes. Just letting my horse rest and at a good stopping point.

DHM Question: What should our training tip of the month be, when is a good time to stop?

Answer: While it is fresh on my mind, yes.

Less is more. Let your horse get better, before you make it worse.

Too many times we are working so hard on something and wanting perfection. We forget to stop when there is the slightest improvement, and then we end up making it worse by pushing the horse over that fine line.

DHM Question: Where is that fine line, when do you decide enough is enough for each training session?

Answer: Be in the moment and be looking for a good stopping point. Did they improve on something through the training session or come one step closer to correct that the horse hadn’t prior?

DHM Question: In general, what would you consider a ‘good’ stopping point?

Answer: Ask yourself while you’re riding or resting in between circles, turnaround, etc. Did they improve on something we worked on today? Maybe your horse improved on their turnarounds and not the stops. Go back to circles, work on those a bit and go back to their turnarounds where they improved. Ask and quit after the progress shown.

Look for something to get one percent better. Maybe your circles didn’t get better, but the turnarounds and steps towards spins improved. Quit on that positive note on what got better.

DHM Question: What about the pressure of an upcoming show or event, do we change our mindset or stay in the same mentality – look for what went right?

Answer: Don’t dwell on anything that goes wrong before a big show, look at what went right. Ask yourself, did my horse improve on one little part of something today?

Certain things are going on before a show, and you always want them to be better but focus on what got better during the week. Maybe my horse is drastically better on fence work and needs some work on the herd work.

Every rider going down the road is in the same boat. Riders and trainers are all get prepared for the show, and their horses are better and more prepared or ready in certain areas. It all boils down to who makes the least number of mistakes and can make the most of what their horse is doing right and building from there.

DHM Question: And where is the show this weekend?

Answer: Verndale, Minn. to show at the NCRCHA Futurity.

DHM Reply: Go get em’ and thanks for the chat!

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