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Dean Meyer and Dale Hande [Photos: submitted]

Rodeo is an action-packed family entertainment full of energy and excitement. The experience is enhanced with detailed play-by-play and commentary by rodeo announcers.

Announcers find a rhythm of their own, colorfully describing the details happening in the arena. Introduction of contestants is a key component, gaining spectator interest in the athlete and the performance outcome. Sharing fun tidbits about contestants, in addition to the score card where contestant sits in the standings, keeps the crowd engaged and fan base coming back for more. 

We were lucky enough to have two home grown Dakotans behind the mic at high school rodeos for several decades. Dean Meyer and Dale Hande brought a personal touch to the arena by sharing animated stories about the contestants, their family members, and equine friends.   

Dean and Dale delivered their own signature to the mic with colorful verbiage and cowboy humor, showcasing true excitement and compassion for each contestant. Their narration of what was playing out in the arena couldn’t help but to draw the listener in to feel the thrill of a winning run or the  heartbreak of a broken barrier. This built a strong bond within our rodeo families.

Unbeknownst to them all those years ago, they would have a long-lasting impact on our little North Dakota Rodeo world. They have left a permanent mark, become legends in rodeo arenas across North Dakota, and will forever be remembered as the G.O.A.T Announcers.

At the NDHSRA 70th Anniversary Celebration, Dean and Dale wrapped up their triple decade run in a poem, written by Dean Meyer. Video credit goes to Rockin Roan, Kadee Hande.

Here is Dean’s Poem:

Thanks from Dean and Dale 

I guess Dale and I have watched you 

          For well over forty years,  

We’ve shared in all your glory 

          And we’ve shared in all your tears. 

We’ve shared in the pure joy 

          When you tied a goat in six, 

And we’ve shared in your agony  

          When you saw a barrel tip. 

We’ve held our breath with your mother 

          When a bronc stepped on your chest, 

And we’ve cheered with your Dad 

          When you were riding at your best. 

We’ve seen you help your friend 

          When it might cost you the saddle, 

And seen them smile back 

          When it was you that won the battle. 

We’ve seen you pet your horse 

          When he’s tipped a pole or two, 

And that horse always seemed to know  

          That maybe it was you. 

We’ve seen you become moms and dads 

          And haul your kids for us to see, 

And teach them how to win or lose 

          And leave us another memory. 

We’ve seen some who could barely ride 

          But competed out of pure desire, 

We’ve seen some that couldn’t lose 

          Because of some strong inner fire. 

We saw your Dad’s worried look  

          As you crawled down on a rank one, 

And saw both him and Mom 

          Hold their breath until it was done. 

We’ve seen you miss a steer or two 

          And we’ve seen you miss one out, 

We’ve seen you shed your tears 

          When you thought no one was about. 

We’ve seen you learn and grow 

          And learn how to win and lose, 

And learn that if you give your all 

          You have nothing left to prove. 

We saw some kids go on to Vegas 

          And some we never heard of again, 

But rest assured to both of us 

          You all  went out with a win. 

We hope as you go forth in life 

          That you will cast your loop straight and wide 

And thanks for sharing with all of us 

          It’s been a great great ride. 

Dean and Dale   

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